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Starting at $1.95/mo

Crave + Movies + HBO

Six premium channels with acclaimed movies and the hottest HBO series – Game of Thrones, Veep, Westworld and more – in HD, uncut and commercial free. Enjoy ‘On Demand’ content from the CRAVE Streaming service and watch ‘on the go’ with the Crave app. 

The Super Premium

Our ultimate premium channel package – twelve channels with the best in premium TV content today! Watch acclaimed movies and the hottest series – Game of Thrones, Veep, Westworld and more on Crave. Enjoy exclusive series with Super Channel and the latest STARZ programming. Marathon all of your favourite ‘On Demand’ content from all included channels and the CRAVE Streaming service. 

$19.95 per month

$29.95 per month

Crave + Movies + HBO + STARZ

Enjoy exclusive access to Hollywood’s biggest movies, classic films, and HBO, Showtime, STARZ, Crave Original, and hit TV series. Choose how and when you watch on 8 channels (4 Crave, 2 HBO, 2 STARZ), On Demand, online, and on the Crave app. 

Super Ecran

SUPER ÉCRAN features 4 great movie channels, with no commercials and 5 new movies to enjoy every weekend. Movies in 3D movies too. 

$21.95 per month

$12.95 per month

Super Channel

Super Channel gives you the best in premium entertainment with 4 great channels; Fuse, Heart & Home, Vault and GiNX. Watch hit movies, top rated series, exciting e-sports and more. Plus enjoy Super Channel On Demand free with your subscription. 


Eleven great channels and an array of popular TV shows and exciting, new programming. 

$9.95 per month

$12.95 per month

$7.45 with Premium Flex


Five movie channels offering a terrific selection of popular and acclaimed movies to chose from. 

Super Sports Pack

Live large. A super line-up of sports channels with TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5, plus Sportsnet One, Sportsnet East, Sportsnet West, Sportsnet Pacific, Sportsnet One and Sportsnet 360. Twelve channels in all.  

$7.95 per month

$16.95 per month

Sportsnet Plus

A super sports package – Sportsnet Ontario, East, West, Pacific, SportsnetOne and Sportsnet360 and MLB Network. 

TSN Plus

Get the complete TSN channel group, TSN 1 to TSN5, plus MLB Network and Golf Channel. 

$12.95 per month

$10.95 per month

Sports Fan

Watch all the games and get all the sports with these eleven top sports channels. 

Sports Man

Fourteen terrific sports channels including the Golf channel. 

$17.95 per month

$8.95 with Premium Flex

$16.45 per month

$6.95 with Premium Flex

Sports Combo

Live large. The complete line-up of Sports Fan and Sports Man channels. 

Super News

Stay informed and up to date with all the latest news and developments with these six news channels.

$21.95 per month

$15.95 with Premium Flex

$9.45 per month

$6.95 with Premium Flex


Eight channels – a great selection of educational, news, documentary and entertainment shows. 


Viceland, National Geographic, home improvement, travel and books – packed with informational channels. 

$10.95 per month

$7.45 with Premium Flex

$7.45 per month

Our World

Discover the wonders and cultural richness of the world we live in with these 5 inspiring channels – all in HD 

Disney Pack

A super Disney TV package with the 3 Disney channels – Disney, Disney Junior, Disney XD plus Treehouse and Teletoon. Enjoy a great lineup of kids TV entertainment! 

$6.95 per month

$6.95 per month

Family Pack

A terrific set of channels for the whole family! Includes Teletoon, Treehouse, Family, Family Jr and CHRGD. Lots of great kid shows to enjoy. 

Family and Family Jr.

Family & Family Jr channels 

$6.95 per month

$5.95 per month

Kids Pack

Includes ABC Spark, Cartoon Network, BBC Kids, Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel for a great mix of high quality kids programming for all ages. 

Premium Kids Combo

Get this combo package of 6 channels – Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD plus Family, Family Jr and CHRGD. The best in kids programming to entertain for hours! 

$6.45 per month

$8.95 per month


Six channels with lots of ‘style’ featuring critically – acclaimed series, reality shows and great movies. 


A package of six great channels and top programs in Food, Home, Fashion, Health, Living and more. 

$8.95 per month

$8.95 per month

Style/Living Combo

Our combo of twelve Lifestyle channels with all the popular shows and programs in Style and Living. 

Hollywood Suite

Enjoy the best of the Hollywood film industry with these 4 great movie channels – all uncut and commercial free – Hollywood Suite 70s, Hollywood Suite 80s, Hollywood Suite 90s and Hollywood Suite 00s. Hollywood Suite GO too!. 

$13.95 per month

$5.95 per month


STARZ is the destination for STARZ Original series, your all-time favourite movies, and classic films. Choose how and when you watch on 2 channels, On Demand, online, and on the Crave app. 

Regional Channels

$8.45 per month

$1.95 per month

US Net Pack

Get this affordable group of popular US channels – Peachtree and WNYO and enjoy all your favorite TV shows. 


All the Francophonie TV networks featuring top shows and the best in French language programming. 

$3.95 per month

$8.95 per month

Francophonie 2

4 Family friendly French specialty channels.  

Adult Combo

Enjoy the best in adult entertainment from these top two brands, DorcelTV and Hustler TV 

$6.95 per month

$19.95 per month

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