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CRAVE Streaming

Access the best-loved and critically acclaimed TV series with this extensive video streaming service. Stream Crave Original, Showtime, HBO library, and hit TV series with the Crave app, On Demand or online.

Crave offers full seasons of top shows with no commercials for only $5.99/month with your TV subscription – and the first month FREE. 100’s of popular TV shows, from comedy to dramas, crime & mysteries, reality shows, sci-fi, teen shows, documentaries and music.

$5.95 per month

To enjoy Coextro’s innovative TV service, you will need Coextro internet. Choose among our great unlimited internet plans at low, low prices. Local channels are available only in their respective regions.

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Watch Coextro TV with Roku players & Roku TV

Now you can enjoy all your favourite TV channels and Coextro TV with your Roku device.


Coextro’s advanced TV service works with your Roku player or Roku TV. Watch live sports, news and all the hit shows, along with your other favourite Roku content..

To enjoy Coextro’s innovative TV service and all its appealing features, you will need Coextro’s internet. Choose among all our great, unlimited internet plans at low, low prices.

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