A Customer Service agent is remembered by the customers especially when he/she takes that extra mile to engage with the customers to genuinely provide what they need. Yes, they are the ones who make or break the customer experience!

“Building a good customer experience doesn’t happen by accident! It in fact, happens with the right intention.” – Team Coextro

Let us take you through a typical day in the life of Coextro’s Customer Care agent!

Starting Our Day


We at Coextro have different working hours for each customer care support and emergency support is available 24/7.

A live chat is available on our website for customers and since our service is online, we can respond to multiple customers’ messages within a matter of minutes, instead of each one having to wait in a three hour phone queue (for visiting to solve the issue). Here are a few examples of the typical issue messages that we receive:

  • Please help, my service was cut out just now. I tried to reset the devices multiple times but the Internet is still not working. What should I do?”
  • “Hello Coextro, will I receive a text message and/or email after the activation? Or the technician would be visiting the house?”
  • “No support until 9AM??. I have urgent work and I still do not have service, please help me!”
  • Hi Coextro, I need to update my credit card information. Please guide me with the procedure.”
  • Now, it’s important for us to remain professional, polite, and be in a good headspace before answering to our customers. This aspect really comes down to us embracing what we truly believe in

    We care deeply for the community we serve.
    Team coextro understands how frustrating losing the internet can be.
    Transparency is the best way to maintain good rapport with the customer.
    Quick responses with easy solutions are liked by all.

These ideologies may sound good to hear but it all boils down to how our customer care service actually is, in practise. Here’s an example of a customer’s issue and how we solved it:

  • Problem- Customer writes to us on our live chat messenger where the technician for their activation appointment didn’t show up.
  • Solution- We need to look into the matter as to why this happened and how we appoint a technician as soon as possible for the customer.
  • After receiving the status of the technician’s difficulty to reach the customer’s place, we explain the matter to the customer and offer them to get this appointment rebooked for a timeslot tomorrow.
  • However, the customer is understandably upset and asks for a technician today itself.
  • We put ourselves in their shoes and realized that we would be quite upset too, knowing that we wouldn’t be getting online today, especially taking into consideration the work from home scenario.
  • Whether it’s the answer they want to hear or not, it’s time to be transparent, as well as empathetic and hence we explain how the technicians are fully booked today. Tomorrow would be the soonest we can get another technician confirmed for them.
  • Even if the customer agrees and understands, we know that he/she is unhappy. So we show empathy and guide them for technician booking procedures at the same time.
  • By receiving a confirmed booking for the next morning the customer is thankful for and appreciates the swift responses + solution.
  • We let the customer know that we appreciate their patience and understanding.

Here we go, this is how we practically implement our values and ideology to deliver a more personable customer service experience. Customers don’t like to hear “Let me transfer you to another department!” when they call to get a concern solved. At Coextro, our customer care agents get to be themselves, overcome obstacles, and develop stronger bonds with our customers.

Mid-Day: Between Our Teammates


A day in the life of a customer care agent not only has to do with customers, but also involves the interactions we have around the office and between our teammates. Whenever we’re not helping out our customers, we help each other out, ask questions, hold meetings, etc.

Let’s take you through an example of an afternoon scenario between two customer care agents:

  • Agent 1: Hey! Can you look at this customer’s convo they had with me? Their service just got activated but it doesn’t seem to be working.
  • Agent 2: Oh! Based on the photo they just sent, it seems they haven’t connected the modem to their home’s cable.
  • Agent 1: Exactly why they’re facing the problem. Thanks!
  • Agent 2: No problem!

We are here to support each other and aid the overall customer care experience.

Even if we do have a phone line for customers to reach us, our live chat messaging platform is equally responsive and convenient for the customers.

From there, one of our agents will assign themselves to your chat becoming your personal designated guide, and respond to you as soon as they’re available. This agent will typically do this for multiple messages at the same time; while they await a response from one customer, they go ahead and help some other customer out.

This in turn allows agents to help multiple customers at once, instead of them waiting on the phone-line. So by offering this online support, customers get to save time, avoid headaches, and get back to surfing the web as soon as possible.

Along with this, there are meetings conducted with management and teammates to address issues that arise, and to look into how we can always improve the customer experience. We don’t go by any script on how we respond to customers, our interactions are human and genuine. Because at the end of the day, we’ve been in your shoes.

Towards the Evening


Since we are very much transparent we would also like to share the other side of a day in the life of a customer care agent because things happen, mistakes are sometimes made, because we are all humans! Customers do sometimes get agitated, or disappointed and upset.

The reason might be anything, but as customer care agents, we really do try our best to own up to mistakes if any, on our part, be empathetic, and get solutions made asap. And while that may not be our favorite part of the day, overcoming obstacles with customers sure feels like the most rewarding part of the day, once resolved.

There are certain occurrences that can, and do happen that are out of our control. Our frustrations don’t arise from the reactions received from the customer, but from a feeling that it’s not something we can immediately solve ourselves or that we let someone down.

Regardless of what happens, part of our day involves learning from experiences, staying calm, and having an ownership mentality so we can look to prevent similar instances from happening again in the future.

As the shift nears its end for us, we first make sure to tie up any loose ends which includes any follow-ups or requests that we need to check on for waiting customers, passing on information to our teammates, taking notes on ideas and improvements that can be made, and making sure customer messages are being attended until the last minute of our shifts.

Our lives are similar to other customer care agents, but we put a little more flavor into this by embracing our ideologies and values, being ourselves, and showing that everything we do ultimately puts customer satisfaction as our first priority.

We really appreciate your reviews, and appreciation because it pushes us to do even better for our customers and make sure that we’ll do our best to make sure we’re the first internet provider you will actually like.



Without you, the customer, we wouldn’t be customer care agents! The very core of our day is answering the questions and concerns of customers, and making this an easy and painless experience at Coextro. Well, even if you’re not a customer yet, and just want to inquire about the services, we’re here to answer all your questions and provide the necessary information you need!

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